2013.06.20 - Perry Plant 2MB (12c)

ENRETEC, LLC is a recently formed Nevada-based company directing the implementation of Energy Recovery Facilities in the Western United states featuring Powered by RES Polyflow™ patented end-of-life plastic recycling technology.

ENRETEC, was created to exclusively represent, sell, build, own and operate facilities that produce crude oil from “end-of-life” polymers (plastic waste) utilizing a patented, proven, pyrolysis technology. © RES Polyflow Condensor 3These facilities, termed Energy Recovery Facilities, will receive plastic waste as raw materials and produce crude oil that is equivalent to West Texas Intermediate crude, an industry standard, high grade oil. This patented process was designed for the current waste stream supply of end-of-life mixed-polymers found in Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs), landfills and other sources.