ENRETEC, LLC is the implementation partner with RES Polyflow, LLC based in Akron, Ohio.  ENRETEC was created to exclusively represent, sell, build, own and operate these energy recovery facilities that produce a virtually sulfur free #2 diesel fuel and other transportation fuels from “end-of-life” polymers (plastic waste) utilizing RES Polyflow’s patented, pyrolysis technology.

© RES Polyflow Condensor 3This patented process was designed for the current waste stream supply of end-of-life mixed-polymers found in Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs), landfills and other sources.

ENRETEC’s technology partner, RES Polyflow developed its process over a twenty-five year period and now, it is perfected to be highly profitable on a commercial scale. ENRETEC’s primary objective is to monetize RESP’s energy conversion process within some of the largest markets of the Western United States.  Its initial territories are Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

ENRETEC is responsible for funding, permitting and development of each facility. ENRETEC will have an ownership position in each facility and be responsible for ongoing management and support of the facilities.

ENRETEC has identified site locations for its Operating Entities in these initial territories and has established that each of these markets has sufficient sources of feedstock to support full-scale commercial operations.