In 2013, ENRETEC’s technology partner, RES Polyflow completed trail runs of a full-scale process vessel in Perry, Ohio that was capable of converting 60 tons per day of end-of-life plastic into marketable transportation fuels.  The process is designed to be scalable once implemented and can be expanded as required to meet feedstock volume and liquid fuels output demand in any given market.  That unit was decommissioned in 2014.

The finished product generated by that pyrolysis technology process is a light, sweet crude oil that is then further refined (hyrdotreated) on-site to produce #2 diesel and other transportation fuels.  Additional refining equipment can be installed to further extract valuable aromatics from the finished product which in turn can be marketed to a broad audience of petrochemical blenders and manufacturers.

By-products of the production process, namely inert char and a light non-condensable off gas can be safely disposed of or used as a source of fuel for the production vessel itself.  Alloys from tire wire, e-waste and other consumer products remain intact due to the low temperature process conditions and can be recovered for recycling as scrap metal.

Since December of 2014, we have anticipated that our RES Polyflow partners would be delivering their state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology as per our operating agreement. Unfortunately, and as of this writing, RES Polyflow has not been able to deliver its technology as promised.

This delay is not at all due to any problem per se with the pyrolysis process itself, rather than the fully-vetted and validated state of the commercialization aspects for the technology that are required to advance our efforts with fundraising and other critical gating objectives.

We apologize for the delay caused to our investors, partners, stakeholders and other interested parties in the waste diversion and petroleum industries with whom we have cultivated and nurtured relationships since our inception in 2013.

Also at this time, we would like to express our deep, sincere appreciation for those who continue to stand with us in this venture and we hope to be back on track soon.